Attorneys and Executors / Deputies


An attorney is a person or organisation that is appointed to look after another person’s (known as donor) finances and property under an enduring or lasting power of attorney  document, during their lifetime.

A deputy is a person or organisation that is appointed by the Court of Protection to look after another person’s (known as patient) finances and property where the person has lost mental capacity, during their lifetime.

Being an attorney or deputy is not only a role of great responsibility but also a very time consuming one. We fully understand the responsibilities that this brings and the care and time that needs to be taken when dealing with these matters.

Expert Attorney offers the full range of services to assist you with every aspect of your role. Whether you need to apply for benefits on behalf the donor / patient or need help to sort out the paperwork to get you started in your role as attorney or deputy, arrange for the property to be sold, property maintenance or shopping services we can assist you. Our complete solution offers a full range of professional support services which can free up your time.


From the point someone dies, the executor becomes personally responsible for the estate. One of the first things to do is secure the assets of the estate. Very often the estate will comprise of a property which will need to be cleared and secured and all items in the property will need to be inventorised and valued and may well need to be asset tagged. Our diverse  range of services include everything from collating the paperwork, clearing the property, providing valuations, dealing with auctioneers, disposing of items in a secure and safe and environmentally responsible method, draining down the water system and much more.

Where the property is unoccupied, insurance requirements, such as regular inspections, need to be adhered to. We will carry out inspections for insurance purposes and provide you with full written records.

Our aim is to take away the burden and assist with a complete solution, at a difficult time.